Founded in 2010 by Alberto Pozzo and Alessio Zanolli, GardaSolar is a young, dynamic company operating in the nautical sector which builds and sells a zero environmental impact watercraft: the GOGO. GOGO is a new-generation solar-electric boat, having a catchy look and high-tech solution inside.


Founded in 1911, La Perle rents electric boats on Gérardmer Lake in the heart of Ballons des Vosges, French east Regional Park. Following a commitment to ecology expressed over four generations, in 2008 La Perle broke new ground with a novel propulsion system : a high power outboard motor.

PowiDian is a spin-off of Airbus Group. After 4 years of research and development, PowiDian designs and sells smart autonomous green energy stations that produce electricity using renewable energies and storing them intelligently in the form of hydrogen.