Wind, sun and water provide the energy needed to make the Station SAGES work. 

Energy Sources


solar boat

The electric boats
are autonomous thanks to
their solar panels but they can be reloaded at the deck.

The mobile generator is powered by hydrogen bottles and converts gas into electricity.

It can replace a generating-set.

Mobhyl Power

The energy arrives at the station:

- either it is immediatly used,

- either it is stocked as hydrogen gas.

This storage allows the restitution when needed when the source energy is lacking.

SAGES Station


To have more informations about our solutions for renewable energy boat, please contact us.

" ...water returns to water."

For a Marina Green zero CO2.

Marina Green concept

  1. thanks to the hydrogen storage, your marina will be completely autonomous even when the source energy is lacking ;

  2. the fleet of solar boats or the ferries to the coast can be loaded at the station or work directly with a fuel cell supplied by high pressure tanks ;

  3. the harbour office or your ephemeral facilities are supplied with a totally clean energy ;

  4. thanks to the water electrolysis, we produce electricity without any carbon emission ;

  5. the SAGES Station uses water and emits steam, it also produces heat that can be converted into energy ;

  6. so the natural cycle is perfect: water returns to water!